Frequently Asked Questions

What is Suzuki? 

Developed by Shinichi Suzuki, the Suzuki Method or "Talent Education" was founded shortly after World War II in an effort to help the joy to the lives of war-torn children of Japan. Suzuki educators believe that:

  • Every child has potential to succeed.
  • Students are never to young or too old to learn. 
  • The learning process should be a joyful and nurturing one. 
  • Character development is the main purpose. This is accomplished through acquisition of high musical skill. 
  • Parents/guardians are partners in the education process, and are included as active partners. 
  • No two students are exactly alike; therefore, lessons are custom tailored to each student. 
  • Just like learning the native language, students begin by listening to music and playing what they hear and see. Reading print music follows the ability to play ("speak") fluently. 
  • Students and families reach their highest potential when surrounded by a joyful learning community, all working together to ensure the best possible outcomes for their children.

What instruments do you offer?
At this time, Harmony School offers lessons in violin, viola, cello, and double bass.

What age students do you teach?
Students of any age are welcome, including adults. While we do accept students as young as age 2, we also accept beginning and continuing students from public and private school programs, home school students, and adult students. Click here for more information about our programs. 

My child has already started playing his instrument at school. Can she still take lessons at Harmony School?
Absolutely. We have teachers who specialize in working with students from school orchestra programs, as well as teachers trained in pure Suzuki Method. That being said, each of our students is expected to study solo music as well as orchestra music, and to practice lesson assignments regularly.

I don’t have any musical training: is that ok?
Of course! Suzuki training includes what is often called ‘Parent Education.’ This is a support program/orientation in which you receive basic training on your child’s instrument, as well as engage in study of what Suzuki teaching philosophy is and tricks for helping your child at home. In our program, how much a parent learns ahead of their child is flexible, depending on the needs of the student. Suzuki is a great way for parents and children to grow together, and teachers are there to support you along the way!

Hold on....I have to learn how to play!!??
We ask that each and every one of our students have a parent/guardian at home that has enough knowledge to be a helpful partner. For adolescent students, this may mean attending your child's concerts regularly, taking your child to high-quality live performances, making sure the child is practicing regularly, asking for the occasional home performance, and even asking the child for a lesson or two. In the case of young students, this means the parent/guardian learns basic violin technique in order to supervise practice at home. As is the case with all aspects of raising our children, each stage of growing up will need a slightly different parenting approach. Faculty at Harmony School are dedicated to helping you find the right balance of support for your child at all stages of development. 

Can I bring my other children?
Siblings are always welcome. Attending the lesson of an older sibling is often the first step of music education! Please bring a quiet activity along for them to do so that they are not disruptive during the lesson.

How do we enroll?
Lessons can begin at any time during the year. Simply call us at 319-540-7798 or click here to send a message. To date, we have been able to place each family quickly, but there could be a waiting period until an appropriate teacher can be found at a time that works for you. In this case, a $20 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your place. This deposit is then credited to your first tuition payment.

How much do lessons cost?
Lessons cost $34.50 per half hour. As students move into intermediate and advanced levels of ability, their lessons will get longer, up to an hour. Charges are figured based on a year-long contract, and equal installments are due the first of every month.
Contact us for a more accurate estimate of what your monthly rates would be, based on start date and length of lesson. 

Do you offer scholarships?
YES! A limited amount of scholarship funding and lower-cost lesson space is available for students who begin August 21, 2017 and later. Financial aid is available based strictly on need. Contact us as soon as possible to request the application form. All students who want to work hard and learn are welcome here; we are 100% committed to a nondiscriminatory award process.

NOTICE OF NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY: The Harmony School of Music, Inc. is committed to providing an environment that is welcoming to every person. In all its programs and practices, Harmony School prohibits discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, national origin, gender, age, disability, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law.