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Social Change Through Music

Based on the highly acclaimed El Sistema educational system which was designed by Jose Antonio Abreu and first implemented in Venezuela. Harmony Sistema is the FIRST El Sistema program in Iowa! Harmony Sistema cultivates character development, leadership development, and music skill acquisition for the purpose of positive social change.

Harmony Sistema is structured to develop musical skills and confidence during the early years of participation.  Older students mentor younger students developing nuanced musical ability and leadership skills while building self-confidence.  All students are rewarded with the fun and camaraderie of playing as a part of a group.

Harmony Sistema upholds the core values of El Sistema including

equity, empowerment, excellence, impact, sustainability, joy, and community.

Harmony Sistema offers free, intensive music instruction to students at schools that host our program. Harmony Sistema is returning in its second year to Johnson STEAM Academy.

What are students and teachers saying about Harmony Sistema?

“These diverse young students gained self-confidence..a greater sense of belonging…increased self esteem…increased sense of pride and accomplishment. {H}igh school violin students, brought in to assist…provided needed encouragement and understanding…demonstrated increased leadership and teaching skills throughout the year.” -Melissa, Johnson STEAM Academy

“I wasn’t going to be able to play violin because lessons cost too much but this doesn’t cost anything so my mom let me be in Harmony Strings.  I am so glad. It’s nice because you work in a group instead of just one student in a lesson.  If you make a mistake there are other people in the group to help you so I like it better!” - JSA student

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For more information on El Sistema USA,  click the El Sistema logo to the left.

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