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Support Harmony.

Our students acquire values and skills that change their lives, leading to personal and community transformation. Your generous support ensures that this opportunity remains 100% free of charge to children with the greatest need. 

Donate Now             Give Monthly             Sponsor a Student             Donate an Instrument/Supplies

Donate Now 


Make your one-time gift by credit/debit card, bank account transfer, or Venmo. 

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By Check

Make your check payable to Harmony School of Music and send to:

Harmony School of Music

1220 First Ave NE

Marquis Hall

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Give Monthly

Increase your impact by becoming a sustaining donor! For as little as $10/month, you can help to ensure that Harmony students have stable, reliable support. 

Sponsor a Student

Student sponsors give at a level comparable to the cost of tuition for a Harmony School student. Sponsors receive regular email updates on Harmony School events and invitations to special events.

You can sponsor a student for as little as $42/month. 

Donate Instruments and Supplies

Harmony School accepts new and gently used violins, violas, and cellos in playable condition. Accessories in working condition including metronomes, chromatic tuners, music stands, and sheet music in good condition are also gratefully accepted. 

To donate an item, please contact us with an item description: 

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