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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Our Vision

We believe in building richer lives, better citizens, and stronger community through music education.

Our Mission

As a center for Suzuki education, we provide high-quality and student-centered music training, creating a joyful musical experience for the family, and sharing the beauty of music with the community. We address the emotional, intellectual, and artistic needs of our students through adulthood without regard for socioeconomic status. We develop character through a learning community based on citizenship, discipline, mutual respect, and artistic excellence.

Our Purpose

As a not-for-profit, community-centered organization, our purpose is to:

  • Provide a comprehensive, community-focused music school in the Cedar Rapids metropolitan area. 

  • Contribute to the development of outstanding character in each of our students. 

  • Help each individual find and develop their own strengths, and learn to recognize the strengths in others. 

  • Use the collective time, talents, and resources of our organization and our community to serve families in need.

  • Promote goodwill, cooperation, understanding, and mutual respect among family members, friends, peers, and community members.

Be a part of the journey!

Whether you are looking for a lesson teacher for your child, a performance for your community organization or event, or want to contribute your time, talents or resources to the cause, there is a place for you here.

NOTICE OF NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY: The Harmony School of Music, Inc. is committed to providing an environment that is welcoming to every person. In all its programs and practices, Harmony School prohibits discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, national origin, gender, age, disability, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law.

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