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It's Summer...and string instruments don't like it!

Just a reminder that string instruments do not hold up well in extreme conditions..

String instruments prefer temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity between 30% and 50%.

In the summer, outside temperatures can easily reach 90+ degrees with humidity over 80%. With this change in weather, pegs can get very tight and stick. Ask your teacher about moving your pegs every few weeks to keep them from sticking.

Never leave an instrument sitting inside of a hot car. In the sun, a closed car can reach 100 degrees in as little as five minutes and 150 degrees in one hour. Extreme heat can cause cracks, open seams, and the varnish to melt (which is irreparable!).The glue used to hold string instruments together breaks down in high temperatures. This causes seams and other joints to come unglued. String instruments are made of two different types of wood: Spruce and Maple. Because these woods expand and contract at different rates, any quick change in climate conditions can cause the wood to crack. In cases of extreme humidity, the tension of the strings can cause the neck and body of the instrument to warp. Any of these damages can render an instrument unplayable and can be quite costly to repair!

As it gets humid make sure to loosen your bow hair. Through the dry winter months you may have noticed your bow hair getting tighter. As the weather gets more humid it will stretch. Make sure to loosen the bow hair when you are done playing so it does not stretch and damage the hair.

You are always welcome to bring your instrument to Schultz Strings for an inspection and tune-up to make sure it's in fantastic playing condition!

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